Simple Christmas Prayer for Peace


“May the blessed peace of which the angels sang that holy night remain always with me and my family. May God incarnate make me more fully human and more fully the person whom he wants me to be. May the Joy of Christ Jesus fill our hearts this Christmas and throughout the year.



Inspired by – Venerable Mother Maria Theresia Bonzel


Prayers for Strength First Post

There are many prayers for strength. Here is one great example:

O God, you are always with me and know me best.

You want my happiness. Help me find it.

Show me the way to life with you.

Help me in my choices.

I do want to follow your voice.

Give me the courage to fully trust you.

I know you love me and care for me

So lead me, Lord, on your way.

Mother of Jesus, pray for me.


Prayers for Strength can be very powerful if you pray them often.  Be sure to pray them every day!